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Excellent quality, 1 year after-sales service guarantee. International leading technology, security monitoring experts. A leader in intelligent security monitoring manufacturing, providing one-stop supply services for the whole country.

Our Four Advantages

Product advantages — ultra-high-definition picture quality

5 million pixel high-definition monitoring equipment, professional quality escorts safety.

5 million pixel high-definition monitoring equipment, professional quality escorts safety.

High-definition optical fog penetration, for various environments and haze conditions

5km high-definition optical fog penetration, an industry-leading urban security solution.

Lens with Chromatic Aberration Compensation CCD with High NIR Sensitivity

Image processor for black level adjustment Using multi-layer coating technology, the process of band switching does not need to adjust the focus

Brand advantage — the world's top

Take effective measures to offset or reduce the impact of temperature changes.

Temperature Compensation Design Compensate Back Focus Position Keep Image Clear

Athermalization Technology The optical system maintains stable performance within a certain range of temperature changes

Service advantage - one year warranty service

A full range of monitoring equipment and its peripheral products, 1-year free warranty (non-artificial) after-sales service guarantee.

Available at any time Guaranteed delivery Free after-sales service during the 1-year warranty period.

First-class technical support Provide product customization services.


City Commanding Heights Monitoring
Urban high-altitude observation is different from ordinary image monitoring. It focuses on realizing accurate monitoring of large-scale images at a higher position. It is a kind of wide-angle observation of large scenes and accurate monitoring of specific targets...
Frontier and Coastal Defense Monitoring
Border defense is an integral and important part of national defense, and a necessary form for a country to effectively exercise its sovereignty and maintain security. Our country has a vast territory and a complex border terrain, with a long coastline of 18,000 kilometers. …
Island monitoring
In recent years, with the development of coastal economy, coastlines and islands, as well as the development of port and coastal industries and shipbuilding and transportation, the number of ships sailing, transporting, operating, and docking has increased year by year, and the supervision of ships in sea areas and waterways is difficult. Amplitude increase......

ADL is a global supplier of high quality CCTV optical lenses. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in the design and manufacture of CCTV cameras. The glass and materials used in our products strictly follow Japanese professional technology and high-quality standards, and constantly challenge the limits of the optical design field. We always uphold the craftsmanship spirit of excellence, set higher goals, and bring new experience feelings.

ADL - wholeheartedly at the service of demanding professionals in the CCTV field.

ADL high-definition long-distance monitoring lens is matched with various types of PTZs, which are widely used in the monitoring of commanding heights in cities, forest fire prevention, border and sea defense, road and railway monitoring, reservoir waterway monitoring, and realize all-weather, HD monitoring screen.



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